The Cast

Troy Bolton (Zac Efron) is the main protagonist of the three films. Depicted as one of East High's most popular students, Troy is also the captain of the school's varsity basketball team. He begins dating Gabriella Montz in the first film and in the last film, he decides to attend University of California, Berkeley in order to pursue both basketball and theater and to be closer to Gabriella, who enrolls at Stanford University.

Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Hudgens) is the new girl in Albuquerque, New Mexico and at East High. Hoping to escape the "freaky genius girl" reputation she had earned at her previous schools, she does not join any extracurricular activities until she meets Taylor McKessie who urges her to join the school decathlon team. She begins dating Troy at the end of the first film and by the last, will study law at Stanford while maintaining her relationship with Troy.

Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale) is the main antagonist of the series, particularly in the first two films. She is the co-president of the East High drama department alongside her fraternal twin, Ryan, with whom she has starred in seventeen school productions. Sharpay appears to have the most power in the drama department, leaving Ryan as her right-hand man. Sharpay does not received a scholariship to the Juilliard School like she had hoped and will study the dramatic arts at the University of Albuquerque, but has agreed to return to East High to assist Ms. Darbus with the drama department and to continue her reign over Tiara.

Ryan Evans (Lucas Grabeel) is the twin brother of Sharpay Evans. Like his sister, Ryan is very much involved with musical theater and performing. However, his interests do not end at theater, as he also enjoys playing baseball and won the junior league world series sometime before the film series. In the third film of the franchise, with more independence by himself and being less controlled by his sister, Ryan is a candidate for a scholarship to the Juilliard School for dance and ends up receiving it at the end.

Chad Danforth (Corbin Bleu) is Troy Bolton's best friend and teammate. In the third film, Chad is looking forward to playing basketball with Troy at the University of Albuquerque following high school graduation. He is initially upset when Troy decides to attend the University of California, Berkley instead, but accepts the fact that he and Troy cannot stay together forever.

Taylor McKessie (Monique Coleman) is the president of the science club at East High and a member of the school's national decathlon team. Taylor is a feminist and admires many important women in history. She is also shown to have a wide range of knowledge and at the end of the first film, Taylor is asked out by Chad. In High School Musical 3: Senior Year, Taylor will attend Yale University and study political science (with the goal of becoming President of the United States).

Kelsi Nielsen (Olesya Rulin) is a songwriter and composer and student at East High. At the end of the last film, she, along with Ryan, receive scholarships for the Juilliard School, where Kelsi will study music.

Zeke Baylor (Chris Warren Jr.) is one of East High's most talented basketball players. He appears to be very close to Jason Cross, Troy Bolton, and Chad Danforth. He also is attracted to Sharpay Evans and he has a passion for baking, which impresses Sharpay at the end of the film.

Jason Cross (Ryne Sanborn) Jason Cross is a member of the East High School boys' varsity basketball team and one of Troy Bolton, Chad Danforth, and Zeke Baylor's good friends. He tends to ask questions or make statements that make him come off as a kiss-up or unintelligent.

Martha Cox (Kaycee Stroh) is an East High School student and member of the national decathlon team. In wake of Troy's audition for the winter musical in High School Musical, Martha confesses that she enjoys hip-hop dancing.

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